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ECA January 13, 2021 Membership Meeting

Here are highlights of the ECA January 13, 2021 Membership Meeting.

ECA January 13, 2021 Membership Meeting

The first ECA Membership Meeting of 2021 was held as a virtual session on January 13, 2021. The meeting featured a number of industry updates, as well as a rec-cap of the recent ECA Executive Committee meeting, which included the election of the ECA Officers, Committee Chair appointments, 2021 Budget approval. Also, the meeting was highlighted by a special presentation from Alex Willis, Leadership Surge.

Officers / Trusts & Committee Appointments
As a recap, the following individuals were elected during the January 6, 2021 ECA Executive Committee meeting to serve as Officers of the Electrical Contractors’ Association of City of Chicago for 2021: 

Richard Jamerson, President;
Robert Fimbianti, Vice President and Treasurer; and
Mark Thomas, Executive Vice President and Secretary.

Presidential Appointments
President Jamerson made the following appointments for 2021:

Eric Nixon                                                                                                                                                    

Chapter Manager                                                 
Mark Thomas                                                                                                                                   

ELECTRI International Representative
Rick Jamerson            

Labor Management                                           
Cooperation Committee Trust                            
Eric Nixon, Chairman                                         
Robert Fimbianti                                                  
Stefan Lopata                                                        
Nicholas Santoro                                                  
William Cullen, III – Assoc. Trustee                                                                                                         

Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trustees       
James McGlynn, Sr., Chairman
Scott Block
Robert Fimbianti
Frank Gurtz
Gary Misicka
Mark Thomas, Tim Taylor – Assoc. Trustees 

Political Leadership Council
James McGlynn, Sr.
Steve Diamond

Electrical Insurance Trustees and Joint Pension Trust                             
Ken Bauwens, Chairman                                                                                
Jack Block                                                                                                          
Michael Walsdorf
Jeff Weir
David Witz
- Associate Trustees: 
Steve Diamond,
Kendra Dinkins,
Thomas Rivi,
Mark Thomas

Standing Committee Chairmen
President Jamerson made the following Standing Committee Chairmen appointments:

Arbitration                      CEA                                               Communication               Student
Mark Thomas                Rick Jamerson                           Michael Schwarz           Frank Gurtz

ECA PAC                      Codes and Standards                Electric Association       Finance
James McGlynn, Sr.      Steve Diamond                         Richard Jamerson         Richard Jamerson

Insurance                      Research and Education           Legislative                    Membership
Kevin O’Shea                Kendra Dinkins                         James McGlynn, Sr.      Richard Jamerson

Residential                    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion       Renewable Energy        Safety             
Robert Fimbianti            Katie Canino                                  Kevin O’Shea               Jerry McGlynn  

Young Professionals
Thomas Pedergnana

Special Presentation
As you are aware, ECA is pleased to announce the launch of a "Diversity & Inclusive Training Program" designed to help Electrical Contractor’s foster a climate of inclusion, sensitivity, and respect in the workplace. 

With the help of the ECA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, Alex Willis, President of Leadership Surge, has designed a training program that will help business leaders create a culture of inclusiveness and respect within their company. Alex Willis introduced this new training series for ECA members and their employees during the special Membership Meeting presentation.

We thank Alex for his special presentation.



Alex Willis photo for Jan 2021

Pictured above is Alex Willis, Leadership Surge.

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