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ECA March Membership Meeting (3/17/2021)

ECA March Membership Meeting (3/17/2021)

The March ECA Regular Membership Meeting was held as a virtual session on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. The virtual program featured industry updates, and guest presentations from representatives of:  ERS-EAP, Equifax, NECA Safety Meeting App, and eSafetyLine. ECA President Rick Jamerson, Jamerson & Bawuens Electrical Contractors, Inc. introduced the guest speakers: Kathleen Horton, ERS-EAP, Maggie Niehoff, Equifax, Jennifer Hernandez, NECA Safety Meeting App, Joseph O’ Connor, e-Safetyline.  The presentations were geared to re-familiarize the membership with current member benefits.  He encouraged, if possible, all member firms to participate with these groups. Kathleen Horton, Employee Resource Systems (ERS) - Employee Assistance Program (EAP) reported that ERS-EAP provides a wide breadth of options to individuals and the organization to help remove the stigma of mental health services with everyday solutions for everyday people. Maggie Niehoff, Equifax reminded all that ECA works with TALX-UC Express aka Equifax Workforce Solutions (EWS) for representation of unemployment claims, assists member firms to contest claim(s) and the identification and credits of inaccurate charge credits to their state account(s). Jennifer Hernandez, NECA Safety Meeting App discussed the over 1100 concise and well-documented safety topics that are available for safety meetings. Joseph O’ Connor, eSafetyLine indicated that eSafetyLine saves money by providing access to up-to-date multiple electrical construction safety industry resources in one location; minimizes effort in managing safety responsibilities and requirements which also reduces labor costs; and helps to keep workers from getting hurt or fatality injured by targeting prevention measures specific to the industry.

Listed below are links to speaker information, as well as links to their presentations for your review.

Kathleen Horton
ERS-EAP Website
Presentation Information

Maggie Niehoff
Equifax Website
Presentation Information 

NECA Safety Meeting App
Jennifer Hernandez
NECA Safety Meeting App Website

Joseph O'Connor
eSafetyLine Website
Presentation Information


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