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NECA NECA Young Professionals of ECA Networking Event - March 1, 2023

The program was held at Game of Irons - Oak Brook, IL.

NECA Young Professionals of ECA
"Game of Irons" Networking Event
March 1, 2023

The Young Professionals of ECA Chicago held a networking session on March 1, 2023 at  the Game of Irons in Oak Brook, IL.  Game of Irons is the Chicago area's largest indoor golf facility with 16 simulator bays totaling 18,000 sq. feet of fun!  Over 40 members registered for this event and enjoyed a fun, laid back experience. As always, all Young Professionals working for ECA member companies are welcome to attend the YP events.

The evening began with a short program led by YP Committee Chair, Mallory Gurtz, Gurtz Electric Company.  She reviewed the history / activities of the Committee over the years.  Over 20 programs and four conferences have been coordinated by the group.  In addition to the attendees learning about previous content, all were able to briefly discuss insight into upcoming events, as well as the 5th Annual Leadership Conference.  It is anticipated that the Conference will be held in late Summer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  A tour of Milwaukee Tool is a top agenda item.

If you have any topic suggestions and/or special venues the Young Professionals of ECA should try, please contact the ECA.  “Thank you!” to the many attendees at the Game of Irons session!

YP Game of Irons March 1 2023Pictured representing the ECA YP Committee from left to right are:
Sam Lacher, ECA Assistant Manager, Jack O'Connell, Linear Electric, Inc.,
Dan Fahey, Super Electric Construction Company,
Mallory Gurtz, Gurtz Electric Company, and
Thomas Pedergnana, Malko Communication Services, LLC.

Large Group At StartPictured above are a number of the attendees gathering together.

M Gurtz Ppt StartPictured above is Mallory Gurtz, ECA YP Committee Chair starting her presentation.

M Gurtz Ppt IntroPictured above is Mallory Gurtz, YP Committee Chair, Gurtz Electric Company,
as she answered a few questions on future activities of the group.

Golfers Ready To GolfPictured above are a number of attendees ready to play golf!

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