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ECA Video Series Availability
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The Electrical Contractors' Association of City of Chicago's Research and Education Committee is proud to offer these informative videos for your use.  

This page includes information and links regarding the following videos:

--Electrical Project Supervision Videos

--"When Generations Connect"
   (ECA 47th Annual Spring Conference special presentation.)



Electrical Project Supervision Videos

(Link to videos is below.)



Video One:  The Supervisory Role of the Foreman - Transition Into Management

1.      This video explains what it takes to transition from doing work to managing projects and leading people to successful job completion.

2.      This module emphasizes the importance of effectively executing the FAT System of skills needed for great leadership.

·       Functional:  planning, organizing, directing and controlling

·       Adaptive:  leadership skills

·       Technical:  what it takes to do the actual work on the job

Learning these techniques helps you become a better leader, organizer, and manager on the job.

3.      Putting it all together enhances worker productivity which is the path to maximizing profits and creating a positive work climate.


Video Two:  Developing Effective Communication Skills

1.      This video defines the key components of the Communications Process to ensure effective communications with all members in the construction process - from job start to job completion.

2.      This module reviews the Speaker/Listening roles with a specific emphasis on the importance of feedback and managing conflict with specific strategies.  Learning the techniques exhibited in the module help you to have optimal communication on the job with all team players. 

3.      Effective, open, two-way communication will offset delays on the job and create harmony among all team players.


Video Three:  Performance Management - The Power of Motivation

1.      This video clearly defines how to develop motivation power and a positive work climate so that people like coming to work every day, and in turn, do their best work.

2.      This module clearly defines what motivation is all about with emphasis on identifying the internal driving forces of the various personality types that takes them to peak performance.  When you know how to motivate others, people will follow.  Great managers know their people.

3.      Through effective motivation, self-mastery occurs.  The result is team members taking positive action to achieve positive results.


Video Four:  Getting Organized

1.      The video defines the key components of the Organizing Process and the Key Job Controls that need to be in place for the Four Phases of the Construction Process:

·       Job is Sold

·       Job Preparation & Planning

·       Job in Progress

·       Job Close Out

2.      This module identifies the keys to project success and what it takes to create a structure for eliminating chaos and confusion on the job site.  These techniques will help you to design your own flow for organization on a given job.

3.      A well-organized job creates synergy among all team players that creates a win/win relationship with the General Contractor and other trades on the job.


Video Five:  Building Teamwork

1.      This video emphasizes the importance of building teamwork through the effective implementation of the Ten Building Blocks that takes the idea of teamwork from a myth to a reality.

2.      This module clearly defines how to build relationships of trust and utilize synergistic approaches that maximize productivity and profitability for the Sub-contractor and the General Contractor.  These techniques help you to build a cohesive unit to complete the job on time.

3.      Teamwork is the name of the game, always.  When you implement problem-solving, accountability, and clearly defined roles, you have everyone working together toward the common goal of doing and completing the job successfully.


Video Six - Maximize Optimal Customer Relations

1.      This video explains how to make the customer satisfaction a daily reality by implementing a Customer Service Action Plan.

2.      This module defines how to implement a strong internal customer focus among all team members that will ultimately impress our external customers - the General Contractor.  The Sub-contractor becomes the hub of activity and influence on the job.  Developing great customer service techniques, creates a positive work environment and positive work relationships.

3.      The focus is to turn customer satisfaction into lasting customer enthusiasm and support.  It's a dynamic way of interacting with customers that makes an indelible impression.  It's all about contact leadership.




"When Generations Connect"

Video of ECA 47th Annual Spring Conference Business Session presentation.  This special program was facilitated by Phil Gwoke, Bridgeworks at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin on June 7, 2018.  The video is approximately 1 hour and 37 minutes.

The  program  highlights  include:  Four distinct  generations  are  working  together  shoulder  to  shoulder,  each  with  a  unique  set  of  attitudes, values  and  work  styles.  It  used  to  be  that  older  workers  were  bosses  and  younger  ones  took  orders.  Now,  roles  are  all over  the  board  and  rules  are  being  rewritten.  Organizations  are  feeling  the  pain  of  generations  as  they  struggle  to  manage  productivity  and  morale  while  maintaining  high  standards  of  quality  and  service  in  a challenging  economy.  When  Generations  Connect  demonstrates  not  only  why  it’s  important  to  understand  what  shaped  the  generations,  but  why  they  behave  the  way  they  do.  Find  out  how  generation  gaps  hit  the  bottom  line.  Learn  what  to  do  about  the  approaching  talent  gap;  grasp  the  keys  to  retaining  the  generations  you  need  most  and  discover  how  to  convert  this  form  of  diversity  from  an  obstacle  into  an  opportunity.




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