Electrical Insurance Trustees (EIT)

There are five representatives from the Electrical Contractors' Association of City of Chicago (ECA) and five representatives from Local Union #134, IBEW (Local 134) that serve on the Electrical Insurance Trustees (EIT). The Electrical Insurance Trustees manage over $2.1 Billion on behalf of approximately 40,000 active electricians, retirees, and their respective family members for health and welfare and pension benefits. In cooperation with our union representatives, the management members of EIT work diligently to ensure that the funds are invested wisely, that benefit levels are set to appropriate standards, and most importantly, that members' benefits are paid in a timely and accurate manner. Even though these are volunteer positions, the Electrical Insurance Trustees carry tremendous responsibility for the stability of the funds that protect our employees health, provide for their retirement security, and to ensure that the entire plan is solvent.


  • William Divane, Jr., Chairman
  • Ken Bauwens
  • Steve Diamond
  • Kevin O’Shea
  • Michael Walsdorf


Associate Trustees:

  • Jack Block
  • David Witz
  • Mark Nemshick
  • Frank Peters